Nespresso’s celebrity endorsement: an endless partnership with Georges Clooney

By Anaëlle DANICAN

For quite a while now, when people talk about Nespresso, they automatically associate the brand’s name with Georges Clooney. But why?

Well, since 2006, a strong collaboration has started between Georges Clooney and Nespresso, making him the face of the brand all around the world. Indeed, in 2006, Georges Clooney has become Nespresso’s brand ambassador.

What is the purpose of the brand when using a celebrity endorsement?

The whole point of using a celebrity to be the face of a brand is to stand out from the other brands on the market, to build brand awareness, and brand equity. The celebrity makes people believe that buying the product gives you a greater status. It is even more beneficent for the brand if the celebrity does have a great image in the public’s mind, and his or her personality and values can reflect the brand image.

Why Georges Clooney?

Nespresso’s goal when choosing Georges Clooney was to develop a premium image of the brand. Indeed, for Nespresso, Georges Clooney is the vivid embodiment of elegance, modernity, and humor (particularly a self-mocking sense of humor)1.

Besides, before becoming the face of the brand, Georges Clooney had been a Nespresso Club’s member, proof that there is no one better suited than the customer to advertise the products.

Since 2006, 13 advertising spots have been realized with Georges Clooney.

The last one, released on October 17th 2018 is about a Knight’s quest, all around the dimensional space and time, to get back to his favorite coffee. In this advertising spot below, Georges is acting as the Knight2.

Here are all of the advertising spots realized by Georges Clooney, for the purpose of representing the Nespresso brand1.


In this ad, two girls, representing Nespresso’s customers are chatting, being ecstatic over Nespresso’s coffee attributes. Georges, eavesdropping on them, believes at first that they are talking about him when he realizes that they are not. The purpose of this ad is to make people understand the great value of the Nespresso brand.


Georges is considered a doorman, an unknown guy, facing the power of the Nespresso brand. Once again, the brand is a step over Georges.


The strategy of this ad is a little bit different. Customers are using Georges’s notoriety to steal his Nespresso coffee. Thus, he is “giving up” on his notoriety to be able to enjoy quietly his coffee experience with Nespresso.


Georges has to trade his life against a Nespresso machine when a piano fell on him and caused suddenly his death.


The purpose of this ad is to advocate recycling. Nespresso uses Georges to show up its involvement in environmental issues.


This ad displays two loyal Nespresso customers that have accidentally switch suitcases. Inside each of their suitcase are personal elements and specific Nespresso capsules. These Nespresso capsules are personified. They are supposed to reflect the customer’s personality.


The purpose of this ad is to showcase the premium customer service in Nespresso Boutiques. In these boutiques, each and every one of the customers is considered like a superstar (just like Georges Clooney), at any moment, and the employees show a knowledge of customers’ capsules preferences.


A Nespresso customer is throwing Georges at an ambush on purpose in order to enjoy his coffee experience a little more.


This ad, featuring Georges Clooney and Jean Dujardin (a very well-known French actor), shows what tricks an individual can use just to be able to savor Nespresso coffee. A little contest is going on between Georges Clooney and Jean Dujardin, which keeps a light and humoristic tone.


This ad is showing that there is no one better than Georges to advertise Nespresso’s products. At this point, everybody knows this little smile and this catchphrase, “made-in” Georges Clooney. Enjoying a Nespresso, and not anything else is thus shown as a sign of success at the end.


This « Change Nothing » ad displays Georges going through a tough night, trying to preserve his precious Nespresso coffee capsules.  But no matter what happens, he would not change a thing about his Nespresso experience. This is HOW GOOD Nespresso products are.


This ad shows how much Georges loves Nespresso and how he can travel all around the world to get back to his perfect cup of coffee


From all of these advertising spots, we can see that the partnership between Georges Clooney and Nespresso is a great one because the celebrity here (Georges Clooney) does not overshadow the brand. In fact, in every one of their advertising spots, Nespresso is always putting forward the products, the capsules, the machines, the luxurious interior design of the servicescape environment (Nespresso Boutiques), as well as the customer’s experience and feelings about the brand when enjoying the product. All of that is staged with the same music as a background noise.


This is HOW GOOD Nespresso products are and HOW GREAT the Nespresso Experience is.

Come and join the club!









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