Starbucks’ Siren Logo


Nowadays, the “Siren logo” seems to be everywhere. The siren logo is always the first impression to us when we talked about Starbucks, who has a long-illustrated history since 1971.025_Branded_in_Memory_Starbucks


The inspiration of the Starbucks logo came from a classical Greek myth. Actually, there was one dangerous creature who was call Sirens, they were luring nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast.1

The Sirens are a fatal temptation to sailors. The logo of Starbucks wants to show the meaning: beautiful, mysterious, seductive, in order that customers cannot extricate themselves.



In 1971, Starbucks established its first store in Seattle. The first version of Starbucks’ logo was composed by a brown background and a white Siren with two tails. The first version of the Siren logo was used between 1971 and 1987.2

In 1986, the name of the Siren logo was changed to “Starbucks”. The next year, Mr. Schultz bought Starbucks and opened the first store that sold drip coffee and espresso drinks. The logo was changed, in order to show the change of management, and it was no longer a shop who was just selling coffee beans.3

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(Brand Autopsy)

In 1989, the logo has a great change, the background was changed to green, and it simplified the lines of the mermaid, the logo looked tidier. 4



In 1992, the lower part of the Siren body was hide and just show half of every tail, which created confusion in customers’ mind, mistaken for a hand.5



In 2011, Starbucks moved into bigger areas. the Siren logo turned out to be the latest version. The frame of the logo was given up and the image of the Siren was totally changed into green.6

The Siren logo wiped off all of the English words to avoid the sense of cheapness by directly reading. The logo seems like more and more modern and lively. Furthermore, Starbucks add value to their logo instantly.









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