Starbucks opened its first store in Italy



The Coffee giant Starbucks opened in early September its first store in Italy, more precisely in Milan.

It is called the Starbucks Reserve Roastery: a very premium version of the stores.

The localisation is well chosen because it is situated “in a historic building on a grand square in downtown Milan”.[1]


Starbucks never came before because Italy has a strong coffee culture and is very attached to the Italian coffee. Italians have the habits to drink their coffee directly at the counter in a short time and they are not used to take the time and enjoy the shop experience (Wi-Fi, working area,…).

It took times to be able for them to be ready to welcome an American coffee brand in the market.

In order to go beyond the criticism and scepticism of the Italian towards this implementation, the famous brand offers a real showcase of “next level coffee art and innovation”[2].

The founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz said that “his imagination was captured by Italian coffee during the 1980s and that they are coming to Italy with humility and respect to show what they have learned”[3].

ABC news specifies that there will be more than 300 employees in this place (baristas, roasters and bakers”. The Reserve Roastery measure 2300square-meter and showcases “the theatre of coffee roasting, brewing and mixology in the epicentre of fashion and culture.”[4]

The coffee offer is limited with “a small-lot Arabica coffee sourced from 30 countries around the world and (…) paired with freshly baked artisanal food from local baker”[5].

Concerning the experience, the retail environment is very digital and accurate by using interactive augmented reality in order to drive conversion on mobile and click towards the website. The store is very premium and should attract numerous customers.


We will see in the future it is a conclusive implementation, and if Italians are still coming in the store after the passing fad…


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Pictures are coming from Starbucks’ website :


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