Events: just for fun? or lead to the success of the brand?

By  Ying ZHANG

Coffee plays an increasingly important role in human life. Therefore, various brands in the coffee industry have carried out a lot of funny activities in an attempt to increase their performance. Giving surprises is also one of the brand’s important marketing strategies.

McCafe has been looking for interesting and novel ways to attract customers and familiarize them with the brand. In addition to free refills, McDonald’s espresso coffee continues to launch interesting events. For example, in order to attract people’s realization,  McCafe has launched a two-week free coffee event. It invited a pop music American duo Karmin to perform. The two singers perform their song “Brokenhearted” on a double-decker fully branded bus which stopped to a Midtown Manhattan station and no doubt that surprised people there. Brand ambassadors of McCafe poured out of the bus and offered free McCafe coffee to people who were watching the performance. After this event, the brand continued to hold events in major transportation hubs across the country. 

McDonald’s sends Twitter to customers and uploads photos and videos in real time to the YouTube, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram channels. Otherwise, McDonald’s surprised its customers with free McCafe coffee which was beginning in mid-April of the same year. It chose the lucky customer every day from Twitter which is following Twitter of the brand. These events let more and more customers, no matter they are fixed guests or potential customers, started to send contents about McCafe on their social platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Most of the time, they sent the content with a hashtag “McCafe”. There is no doubt that these behaviors have brought advertising effects to the brand. 1


(McCafe’s event in the US) 1

Another famous coffee brand – Nespresso which belongs to Nestlé company announced to provide « E-passport » in Taipei. It means that customers could use their E-passport to collect Club-card points which could exchange presents, such as free coffee or free coffee capsule. In fact, the brand has six series of coffee capsules, each with its own distinctive characteristics and flavor. In order to learn more about Nespresso top coffee, the brand has opened a master class to allow customers to taste more capsule coffee, learn professional knowledge, and let customers go deeper into the world of coffee. 2


(Nespresso’s E-passport) 2

In order to attract more costumers, Nescafe invested in a large comedy show. Nescafe could ask its own stars who came from this star-making activities to promote the brand. If these new stars have a lot of fans, this will bring a lot of potential Customers to the brand. For example, if one new star from the show post photo about Nescafe (it might be Nescafe’s product or coffee) on his social platform. His fans might buy the same product or coffee as the star. This comedy show has been in the fifth season. Through this draft event, the brand’s popularity has been greatly improved. 3


(Nescafe’s comedy show) 4

There is also an interesting event worth mentioning. On the day of National Coffee Day, Nescafé launched a 24-hour live broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, attracting 15 million people in more than 60 countries.

#GoodMorningWorld event brought coffee lovers in a « mug chain » and invited fans from all around the world to submit their videos of themselves about enjoying their morning coffee. Nescafe is now the first global famous brand that hosts a full-day live broadcast on multiple social media channels. 5

Many well-known YouTubers, Instagramers, bloggers and video bloggers also participated in this event, and they shared their selfie-style coffee videos. In the same time, the brand promised that it will provide a coffee plant to a farmer for every « good morning world » video it received. 2,285 coffee plants were distributed after this event. 5



(Related photos about this event) 5

Nescafé has always been committed to building brand relevance among young people. This event has undoubtedly enabled more young people to understand this concept and thus expand the brand’s influence on young people. As a result, Nescafe increased its brand value by 2% in the Interbrand 2016 Best Global Brand ranking and worth over 12.5 million dollars which made Nescafe ranked as the 36th the most valuable brand around the world. 5

These brands are looking for more attractive ways to increase their brand value, this not only focusing on increases consumption of brand but also increases brand efficiency, making brand strategy more effective, let us continue to expect that they will continue to launch more interesting activities.


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