Nescafé upgraded brand image: logo & slogan


Today, people can access Logos and Slogan almost everywhere, and those have entered into many people’s mind. The logo has a wide range of functions, and there are many functions that cannot be ignored. Mainly manifested in:  (1) The function of identifying the source of goods. (2)Promotional sales function. (3) The function of ensuring the quality of goods. (4) The function of advertising. (5) The function of establishing a business reputation. Otherwise, brand slogan plays a very important role in a brand. For example, the brand slogan can (a) promote the brand spirit, (b)reflect brand positioning, (c)enrich brand association, (d)clear brand name and logo.1

The logo is created because the source of the product is to be identified so that the person with this function can become a logo. Producers and operators use the logo to indicate the source of goods, and consumers use logos to distinguish similar products. The use of logos urges production and management to focus on quality and maintain quality.

Modern commercial propaganda is often centred on logos. It publishes product information through logos, promotes products, stands out, is concise and easy to remember, and can attract consumers’ attention through the specific mark of logos, and deepen the impression of goods. Commodities attract consumers, and consumers use logos to select goods. The role of logos is obvious. In reality, logos become silent advertisements, which show the advantages of them. At the same time, logos help brands to build a business reputation. The more popular the logo is, the stronger the competitiveness is.1


(Various logos that we could access in our daily life)2

The brand’s slogan is closer to people’s lives than the logo. Brands often use succinct and in-depth sentences to make slogans. As we know, Nestlé use “Good Food, Good Life” as its slogan for several years.


(Slogan of Nestlé)3

Nescafé as a famous brand in the world has a very familiar logo. When we see the Nescafé’s logo, we could clearly know that is the brand belongs to Nestlé. Nescafé, which has a history of more than 75 years, officially announced the brand new brand. This is the first time that Nestlé has unified the brand, slogan and even sound brand elements in the world for decades. The new logo looks a lot more rounded than the old one, and the new slogan “It all starts with a Nescafé” is a vivid interpretation of the real-life scenes of many coffee lovers. 4  


(Nescafé’s logo: before and after)4  

屏幕快照 2018-12-06 01.58.57.png

(Nescafé’s new slogan) 4  

We can say that the update of the logo and slogan is an important part of improving the brand image, which is why the major coffee brands began to care about their logo and slogan. The upgrade of the two, creating a new brand image for the established brand, and separating from the old image, the process of successfully retaining consumers and attracting new consumer groups is also the accumulation process of assets.


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